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Microsoft Silverlight and SOA

by on Apr.14, 2008, under Groovy-Grails, RIA, Silverlight

Video Podcast Administration Demo ScreenshotThis past weekend I spoke at the Twin Cities Code Camp.  It was a Blast.   My Presentation was Microsoft Silverlight and SOA.  Its new technology so resources at this point are few and far between.  Silverlight itself is only a a 2.0 Beta 1 stage.

During the presentation, I highlighted Silverlight’s abilities to consume and invoke web services.  I wanted to show cross-domain services calls where the server is a non-microsoft based application.

I developed a RESTful Server application in Grails on Linux. 

The demo Silverlight application is a Video Podcast Administration Application.  I specifically wanted to show several client side methods of invoking web services.  I didn’t want to focus on any fancy visual effects video transformations etc. 

Here is code for the Grails Server.

Here is the Silverlight Application code.


My Presentation is in a Google Doc.


I had a blast at Code Camp, It sounds like something I’ll probably do again.

I might also put a short video together to show its functionality for Inetium. I’ll be sure to post it here.


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Preparing Silverlight & SOA Presentation

by on Mar.25, 2008, under RIA, Silverlight

N-Tier ApplicationOk now I’m getting around to putting my actual presentation slides together for Code Camp and I needed some Graphics for it.

I didn’t find anything that was simple enough and I could use free of charge.  I ended up baking some of my own illustrations.

Here is a link to the larger version.  I’m trying to illustrate the Traditional N-Tier application architecture.

And nope, no Silverlight on the iPhone… yet.


Here is another one that briefly touches on the distributed nature of SOA

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Silverlight on the iPhone Hints?

by on Mar.06, 2008, under RIA, Silverlight

As Mix ’08 is currently going on.  Scott Guthrie said something that peaked my interest.

He basically said that

"Our goal is to try to get it on as many mobile devices and allow you to just take advantage of it umm with a variety of different clients… Everything that has an SDK"

He was very hesitant when he said it.  Did he allude to Silverlight iPhone??  The timing is impecable.  He said this on Wednesday March 5th 2008, where the Apple event is today March 6th 2008.

You can view what he said by accessing in Windows Media Player or VLC or other compatible player.  He said it at 2:26:00

I wonder if Adobe has something between Desktop Flash and Flash Lite?  I would still like to see flash on the iPhone, Maybe the iPhone SDK will allow that?

Only time will tell…


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Silverlight Presentation

by on Jan.20, 2008, under RIA, Silverlight

I’m in the process of putting together a presentation for the Twin Cities Code Camp on April 5th 2008.

I am going to focus on Silverlight media (video), and SOA.
Standard asmx web service
WCF Services
JSON based Services (via Grails or PHP)

I may do some page interaction Javascript events etc. Maybe even loading Data from a small EXTJs App.

I’ll have fun with this.  I’ll try to do some live video along with it.

What do you think?



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