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Lucas loves the cat

by on Jan.29, 2008, under General

Lucas and the CatThe other night, my wife left to attend a church event after I got home from work.  This particular night she took Kari with her and left Lucas at home with me.

We are in the process of potty training our three year old son named Lucas.  Since he still has accidents we are having him use the potty hourly.  The rule of thumb is that he has to at least try to go every hour.  When it came time for Lucas to use the potty, I led him into the bathroom and had him sit down to go potty.  To give him some privacy, I shut the door to the bathroom and sat down at my desk (right next to the bathroom). 

After a minute went by, I suddenly heard a commotion from the bathroom.  Frankly it startled me since my desk shares a wall with our bathroom.  As I quickly went to open the bathroom door, I wondered what in the world it could be.  As I started to opening the door our cat immediately ran to the door prying to get out.  The poor cat was wet!  His velvety black fir had glistening shine over the breadth of his back.  Puzzled by these circumstances I quickly discerned the source of the chaos.  I promptly asked "Lucas, did you pee on the cat?" to which he happily responded "I just shooted him" with the ecstatic grin of a three year old on his face.

After hearing his enthusiasm, I had to duck behind the door for a moment to make sure I didn’t let out a laugh.  After I made sure I had my composure, I went in and sat him back down on the potty.  I quickly rescued the cat before he could go roll all over fresh sheets or any similar deed. 

Once I had given the cat a shower in a plastic laundry basket, complete with Duck Tape latch (so I didn’t have to deal with the whole cats + water + claws issue), I was able to teach him all about how we aren’t supposed to pee on cats.

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