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F3 = Fat FireFox

by on Aug.28, 2008, under General

FireFox LogoWhy is everything so slow?  Why does it take forever for the laptop to go to sleep? 

Holy thrashing platters Batman — Firefox is taking up 1.25GB of Memory.  I guess it is partially my fault.  Having 126 Tabs open isn’t the nicest thing that you can do, but thats what I did during some intense research.  After I brought it down to about 30 tabs, it still held 1GB.  That is a little too much if you ask me. 

I’ve been a fan of Firefox for a while.  Its attractive because of its extensibility, flexibility, W3C dom, and rendering standards.  I’ve been a fan of good add ons like greasemonkey, Firebug, Better Gmail, View Source Chart, Fullerscreen.  I enjoy using these tools regularly.

I use IE7, and Safari 3, and rarely opera.  Usually its just to make sure my css and javascript are cross-browser compatible.  Each one has it’s strength’s and weaknesses.  Obviously with Firefox, Memory usage is not its strength :-)

I’m hoping that Firefox 3 will help with the Memory usage.  I hope they can adhere to a different model; Weak references please?

I’m also excited to see what the IE8 team is cooking up.

Update:  I’m not so excited to see what IE8 is cooking up for Microsoft’s business plan.  Firefox 3 is Doing great on Mac, Windows and Linux for me.  Yea I wrote this a while ago, but thought it was still worth putting out there.  I don’t use Opera or IE7 much anymore now that I am primarily on Linux (home) & OSX (work)

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Firefox tweaking

by on Apr.14, 2008, under General

I really enjoy using Firefox.  I have recently re-imaged my laptop after a hard drive upgrade.  I use Firefox quite Heavily.  I will frequently have one hundred of tabs open especially when I go through my reading materials for a week. 

I noticed on both Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) that my firefox sessions would hang after I crossed a certain threashold.  I have other browsers that I popped open to check to see if it was application or network specific.  Epiphany IE and Safari all worked flawlessly so it had to be specific to Firefox.

my first reaction was to pop open about:config (more) and start poking around the network settings, network.http.max-connections and the like seemed to have no effect.  Alas google remided me of the network.http.pipelining (more)  it basically allows for multiple requests to be executed at once.  This is especially important when using both Gmail and Google Reader and Digg which all utilize ajax calls in the background.


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